AMD Next Game Changer May Have Nothing To Do With CPU Or GPU


Distribution and support has dropped StoreMi, for its storage acceleration program alternative.

Intel and apple have tried to achieve the exact same goal together with the push and Robson/Turbo Performance in the previous two decades .

However, AMD might be seeking to drive beyond the abilities of StoreMi.

Among Intel’s present distinctive selling points is to utilize Optane to distinguish itself from AMD. The technology has trickled down to customer laptops, for example that this HP model using a seventh production Core i3 CPU Plus a 1TB disk. The advertising blurb boasts of”storage acceleration, generating speeds of an SSD hard disk with no additional price.”

So, could be seeking to bring its Optane rival out? Perchance a solution? The company could exploit Learnings in the storage technologies it set up in the new Xbox One X console.

Louise Saraspe
Louise Saraspe

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