Apple May Let you Try Apps Without Installing Them In IOS 14


Apple may Allow You to try out Components of iOS Programs that are third-party Without installing them onto your own iPhone by scanning a QR code, based on code in an early build of iOS 14.

A card will appear that allows you interact with all the sections of a program After you scan a QR code.

The card can also let users decide to download a version of the program or start the expertise that is interactive in that program.

Apple could be analyzing the program previews that are new with OpenTable, Yelp, DoorDash, Sony’s PS4 Second Display program, also YouTube.

This new feature seems somewhat like that the Slices attribute on Android, which encircle portions of a program from search results and from Google Assistant, or Android’s Immediate Programs , which loads a very small version of a program once you tap on a hyperlink.

IOS 14 may also reportedly include upgrades to iCloud Keychain, a brand new list view for your home display, a brand new physical fitness program , and much more.

Isaac Gadinsky
Isaac Gadinsky

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