Dell Accidentally Leaks Images Of New XPS 15 And 17


Dell’s XPS 13 when it comes to Windows laptops Notebook to conquer.

We anticipated the XPS 15 to refresh along with its 13-inch counterpart, however that is our first look in the bigger XPS 17, which we have been hearing rumors about for nearly a year.

The notebooks on the Perfect side Seem to be exactly the 2020 XPS XPS 17, while the two and 15 seem to be forthcoming improvements to the Precision line of Dell. Look carefully at the image and you will find out why: the notebook on the left (that will be half open) includes a numpad, which XPS versions have not been previously. The Precisions’ vents will also be nearer to the front of the chassis, whereas the 15’s and 17’s vents are in the trunk (the XPS’s logic board is nearer to the rear of the unit to accommodate its large battery). Additionally, the Precisions are thicker.


Concerning specs, the picture does not supply any Info, but it will affirm. The most noteworthy thing that is missing is one USB-A interface on both of those XPS configurations within this film, a choice that is growing more prevalent among high-end compact versions (Dell previously eliminated USB-A in the 2020 version of this 13). In addition, I don’t find anything which resembles a power interface that is Dell-proprietary, meaning that these will charge by USB-C.

As do the arrow keys, the 15’s trackpad looks larger than that of its predecessor. And they both seem fairly fine, with a (almost ) bezel-free layout reminiscent of this powerhouse 13.

But what exciting about this escape is that it Suggests Dell is currently gearing up to announce those devices Keep a look out for this.

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