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Genshin Impact Player Elements Quick Guide


In this Genshin Impact Player Elements guide, we will clarify in detail the various Elements a player can use during battle to have differing Stat buffs and debuffs for both the player and the adversaries you will go head to head against in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Player Elements

Genshin Impact has a wide assortment of playable characters, with each character having a particular playstyle and set of assaults.

Correspondingly, a player can change which component they use during battle.

Every component is appropriate for various battling situations.

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Along these lines, this aides in blending things up for the player and keeping the battle connecting with by letting them choose how they need to move toward the following fight.

All the Player Elements in Genshin Impact

There are a sum of 7 components in the game, out of which just 2 (Geo and Anemo) are accessible in the 1.0 adaptation of the game.

As more locales are presented, more components will open for the players to utilize.

Coming up next are the components

  • Geo (Earth)
  • Anemo (Wind)
  • Electro (Lightning)
  • Dendro (Nature)
  • Hydro (Water)
  • Pyro (Fire)
  • Cryo (Frost)


Geo is the Earth component in Genshin Impact. Characters that utilization Geo are generally engaged around giving spread a strong guard and infrequently exacting weighty harm.

Geo being the earth component, is unbiased, so it has an expanded impact against shields and rock outcroppings found around Teyvat.

Geo additionally makes crossing the universe of Teyvat simpler and causes in accessing new regions.

Geo’s natural response is Crystallize.

Take shape has two primary uses, it can make a shield that assimilates natural harm, or it can bring down the harm yield of adversaries.

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Hitting a rival with Geo may solidify them, making their mystical yield decline.

On the off chance that you are utilizing a guard thing like a breastplate, Geo assaults frequently make a basic shard that can be gotten for expanded safeguard against natural assaults.

  • Three battle gifts and two latent abilities are accessible for Geo.
  • Unfamiliar Rockblade
  • This is your ordinary assault that lets you fasten up to five strikes.
  • Charged assault (which expends endurance) discharges two quick hits imbued with the Geo component.

Starfell Sword

You can call a meteor that strikes where you are pointing.

The meteor causes a blast upon effect and causes AoE harm.

The meteor remains in its place for quite a while, which would then be able to be utilized either as a shield during battle or moved to reach more current spots.

Wake of Earth

A shockwave assault that thumps back adversaries and causes Geo harm.

It likewise takes shape the foes, which decrease their essential assault harm.

A stone divider is likewise raised toward the finish of the shockwave that can be utilized for spread mid-battle.

Broken Darkrock

It is an inactive ability that diminishes the cooldown of Starfell Sword by 2 seconds.

Excited Rockslide

An inactive ability that bargains 60% AoE Geo harm to the encompassing foes on the last assault of a combo.


This is the Wind component in Genshin Impact.

Anemo is fundamentally better than Geo as far as battle and essential responses.

Anemo’s particular capacity is Swirl.

Twirl permits wind assaults to duplicate the properties of different components.

Joining Anemo with Hydro, Electro, Pyro, or Cryo components will retain them and cause harm in that component. (It just works with the principal component the assault interacts with)

Anemo has three battle abilities and two inactive gifts.

Unfamiliar Ironwind

The typical assault that lets you fasten up to five strikes. Your charged assault (which devours endurance) conveys two fast strikes in brisk progressions implanted with wind harm.

Palm Vortex

Otherwise called Wind Blade, it makes a little explosion of harming air in your palm and harms adversaries before you.

Palm Votrex retains any component that it interacts with and takes on its essential properties.

Blast Surge

A typhoon assault that pulls adversaries in its way and assumes the properties of any component it interacts with and bargains considerably more harm. The typhoon detonates when its span closes.

Cutting Wind

  • This is an aloof ability that injects the last assault in a combo with wind vitality.
  • The last hit will bargain 60% Anemo harm to any foe in its range.
  • Unexpected surge of energy
  • An aloof ability that lets you recover 2% wellbeing for five seconds after killing an adversary with Palm Vortex.
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