Google Testing New Lens Logo In Photos For Android


Google Lens has been declared at I/O 2017 for a means to search the entire world and get assist. Since its third birthday is approached by the instrument, Google appears to be analyzing a Lens emblem.

In the statement a camera emblem was shown off by Google. What delivered after that year Because it had been a square differed. The lens at the pub is a blue dot with a circle functioning at the bottom-right as a flash, despite the fact that there’s a yellow and red lineup everything.

I/O 2019 watched Google present The icon that is present. The lines are attached with corners, although the form and design is unchanged. There is even grim to get a look inline using all the Google Material Theme. Meanwhile, these icons both have colorless variants for Google and Assistant Photos.

That surface is currently revealing a Google Lens icons to get a few. 1 reader now received a variant where the centre circle is substituted with the Google’G.’ The bottom-right corner does away with all the flash.

This change is being tested and not accessible with Google Pictures 4.46. As we do not understand what the complete version is going to be what colour that’G’ will require.

1 reason for the shift could be to boost awareness of Lens Google service. The B&W version — unlike the Assistant ‘gram’ . It is not clear If the Google Lens emblem will be rolled out to Assistant Along with the homescreen icon on Android.

Isaac Gadinsky
Isaac Gadinsky

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