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Serious Sam 4 Gadgets [Quick Guide]


The Gadgets in Serious Sam 4 merit an extraordinary notice as they are superb battle devices. They’re valuable things that give you offense, guard and even factual lifts.

Serious Sam 4 Gadgets

This guide on the Gadgets in Serious Sam 4 will incorporate everything to think about the contraptions and their uses in the game.

Serious Sam 4 Gadgets

Black Hole

This is a solidified dark opening that you will get in the wake of finishing an auxiliary mission. Dark Hole contraption is acquired from a decimated adversary entryway.

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What this does is that when tossed, it will frame a tremendous dark gap in the sky and that opening will suck all the adversaries in and afterward in the long run detonate. This is probably the best contraption in the game.

Time Travel

Time wrap is an antiquated Sirian curio which when applied, structures this immense Distortion field that encompasses you and whatever adversary is inside this field will confront a specific decrease in speed.

This impact will stay for a specific time where other then you, everything gets moderate, allowing you to effectively dispense with them. This is additionally probably the best contraption in the game.

Fierceness Serum

This serum, when taken by the officer, can make him a superhuman. It will do as such by making them more grounded, quicker, more lithe, more keen, and more impervious to harm.

In the end, the impact will wear off after some time yet till the time it remains, can be deadly.

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Smaller than normal Nuke

It is an amazing rocket terminated from the beginning focuses on that are on the ground. It accompanies a Netricsa-viable holographic focusing on framework which is successful.

Being a smaller than normal nuke, it’s center intention was to harm the greater foes yet it tends to be convenient against a gathering of hostiles as well.


The motivation behind this device is to spare a day to day existence. At the point when a warrior is down, this device will restore it.

A versatile robotized outer defibrillator which restores you with stuns and along these lines can be excruciating however it’s actually superior to death.


This contraption emanates visualization and its motivation is to occupy the adversaries which will lead them to assault this rather than the solider.

It has explicitly been intended to cause the foes to be irritated of it to a degree where even the more brilliant ones will be compelled to assault it.

Hacked Drone

These are adversary drones that are being hacked and will help the client by executing its genuine proprietors until its battery runs out.

In the interim, the client can take it easy since it doesn’t need to stress over it as it initially has a place with the foes.

Psychotropic Grenade

At the point when tossed, a psychotropic specialist emerges from this projectile which controls the foes into battling with their mates.

Subsequently, infighting begins as the hostiles stay forceful to one another. Albeit little, it can influence people as well, accordingly, its best to know about it.


This gadget has been made utilizing the most recent headways made in the field of nanotechnology.

It upgrades the wellbeing of the trooper in the blink of an eye, it does as such by improving the exhibition of tissue-delivering cells, improving the individual’s body than any ordinary human body.

Best Gadgets

As should be obvious from the rundown above, there are numerous devices that go about as hostile weapons, while others advantage the player with some status impact. Nonetheless, there are a few contraptions that are ludicrously amazing and can’t be disregarded. The first of the best devices is the Black Hole, which sucks in all foes close to it and detonates after a decent measure of time. Best utilized against a huge gathering of adversaries that you realize will overwhelm you.

The other best contraption is Time Warp. This device truly hinders time to an end, permitting you to experience every adversary individually or take them at the same time with any assault you need to catch up with.

At last, the Rage Serum is an unquestionable requirement have contraption in the game as it permits you to enter a wrath more, with constructive outcomes on your character and furthermore expanding the harm yield. Best utilized against the battle with bigger adversaries permitting you to bring them down faster.

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